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Our courses are available in two seasonal sessions, Fall and Spring.  Fall session runs through October and November.  Spring session runs through March and April.  Summer and Winter are reserved for workshops and lectures, and community events.  Courses are reserved via registration.  To register add courses to your cart and follow the prompts, or register via email.   For more information or to register via email contact us at

Full Courses




Occult philosophy is a term coined by Cornelius Agrippa to describe the art and science of magic. Agrippa separated the study of magic into natural, celestial, and ritual topics, all with unifying principles in the axiom of “as above so below.” The traditions of pythagoreanism, neoplatonism, hermeticism, astrology, and cosmology inherent to occult philosophy form a chain of continuity from one initiate to the other through the vastest eras of human history.
This six week course will cover: the 4 (and 5) elements, the 7 planets, the 10 digits, the 12 signs, and the philosophers who brought us the science of their use. This course is both theoretical and practical, and culminates in learning and applying these principles to a centuries old rite, the Lesser Banishing Ritual.
Aleksander Van Beber is a public speaker, long time initiate, priest, and founder of Académie Gnostique.




Alchemy is the ancient art of refining a base substance, and changing it through successive stages, into something perfect.
Dealing with the first stage of alchemy, plants and the creation of spagyrics,  aspiring alchemists will learn the operations and hands on laboratory experience of practical alchemy.

Plant Alchemy is a three week lab class wherein you will learn to distill and combine base matter of your own choosing to create and distill spirits, make your own Planetary spagyrics, and learn the practice of literal alchemy from the ground up.

This is real chemistry, real spirituality, real alchemy.




      Vodou is an initiatic religious/magical spiritual system of Haiti.  Haitian Vodou represents the maintenance of ancient spiritual venerations throughout a people's journey through slavery, revolution and self emancipation. Vodou empowered the Haitian revolution.  Vodou and Haitian culture have been tangentially a part of the fabric of New Orleans’ culture, and New Orleans Voodoo. Today the subjects of Haitian Vodou, New Orleans Voodoo, and African Vodun are often lumped together and confused in comparative study.  This 6 week course will disambiguate the practice, and introduce you to the Lwa, divinities of nature, and the key spiritual practices of Vodou.

  • Learn about the Lwa
  • Learn practices common to initiates and non-initiates.
  • Take your first step toward working with the spirits of Vodou

Demetrius is a Houngan and Bokor, as well as a connoisseur of songs and lore from many hallowed living traditions. Demetrius teaches classes on hoodoo, Vodou and mediumship at Académie Gnostique, and at his shop Botanica Macumba on St. Claude Ave.6 weeks, 





Hoodoo is our national magical heritage, and the confluence of regional spiritual practices. The individual parts of the tradition are African, Native American, and European, brought together with paramagnetism and experience. A large part of the Hoodoo tradition is rooted here in Louisiana, where the waters meet, and many languages are spoken.
In this 6 week course we will be engaged with the foundational knowledge of leaves, roots, and the power of place required to be a hoodoo practitioner.
A focus will be placed on:
•How to set candles,
•how to communicate with spirits
•Spell work
•Saint veneration
•Gris gris

This course is taught by Demetrius Lacroix: a Houngan and Bokor, Demetrius is a skilled herbalist, conjurer, and medium.

The Hermetic Qabalah, a Western reinterpretation of the classical Zoharic mysticism, has had a long history of intersecting with the Tarot. Moreover, both have long been intertwined with the pillars of modern Hermetic thought: such as astrology, alchemy, and Rosicrucianism. Writers like Eliphas Levi have attempted various syntheses of these disparate traditions over the last two centuries.  The Golden Dawn famously presented a reinterpretation of the Tarot, manifested in the Raider Waite and Golden Dawn decks, placing emphasis on astrology, and Practical Qabalah. The Golden Dawn system would go on through the first half of the the 20th century before being further expanded upon by Aleister Crowley, who would ultimately design the Thoth Tarot pack to be rendered by Lady Frieda Harris. This pack, along with the corresponding text by Crowley, the Book of Thoth, has remained a high water mark of Esoteric Tarot to this day, and is the source of numerous reiiterations and attempts by latter-day occultists to re-bottle lightning. To learn tarot from this vector is to simultaneously learn the principles of astrology, alchemy, Qabalah, and magick, with intimations to the symbological systems of Masonry, Rosicrucianism, Egyptian Revivalism, and most importantly Thelema, the mystical and magical philosophy to which Aleister Crowley devoted his entire life to the exposition of. None who approach this opportunity will leave any less than conversational and competent to pursue the study of Modern Esotericism on as firm a foundation as may be wished for both practical investigation and theoretical speculation.

Join us as we explore the myth and practice of Modern Witchcraft in Académie Gnostique’s first ever survey of the subject. This 6 week course will focus a different component of the modern witchcraft current with philosophy, theory, and praxis.
Class topics will include:
•The elements
•Lunar and solar magic
•The gods and spirits of the Craft
•Creating sacred space
•The magic circle
•Seasonal observations
•Old and new currents of practice
•With special material for Samhain
This course is good for new and experienced witches alike. With the season of the witch upon us, don’t miss this essential witchcraft primer.

Rhett Rowan Peterson is a current practitioner and initiate of modern witchcraft traditions, European occultism, and eastern Mysticism. Rowan’s practice is strongly influenced by British Traditional Witchcraft, Primal Craft, Sabbatic Craft, Tantra, and Yoga.




Runology is the study of runes, which are mysteries of ancient European paganism oftentimes used to divine the future and converse with the gods. Runes are similar to an alphabet, and can be used for writing, but each rune is also perpetually linked to poetic and philosophical content. The runes are ultimately a wisdom tradition, steeped in magic from a time before writing, when images were painted with words.
This course has a historical, practical, and esoteric perspective, and strives to deliver clear understanding of a subject often treated on vaguely. This course offers insights and resources to student which are unavailable in any other format.

Students can expect to learn:
Reading and writing in runes
Divinatory meanings
Cosmology, theology, and poetry
Rune magic

This course offers original research and rare source materials. Intro To Runology is suitable for beginning and advanced students.





In this six-week survey course, we will be exploring the folklore surrounding fairies and spirits in context of North Western Europe (British Isles, France, Germany, Scandinavia, etc.). We will also examine the large difference between depictions in contemporary pop culture/neo-pagan perspectives and traditional, older folklore and folk-customs. We will also answer the basic questions: What are the Fae? Who are the Fae? Where can they be found? How can you interact with them, if you so choose?

Eric Montgomery is a folklorist, public speaker, organizer of Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Day, and long time follower and practitioner of Witchcraft and Paganism.




Occult Philosophy II is an intermediate level course, with prerequisite experience in OP I. Here we will continue developing our understanding of the subject, and apply it practically to new magical operations and techniques.
In this six week course we will learn more about how to: harness planetary energies, work with spirits, and make talismans. Some of this will build upon the basics to expand our mastery of the subject.
This course is both theoretical and practical, and culminates in learning and applying these principles to talismanic magic and the centuries old rite, the Lesser Hexagram Ritual.
This course is taught by Aleksander Van Beber: public speaker, long time initiate, priest, and founder of Académie Gnostique