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The Educators

Our affiliated teachers provide well-educated, peerless representation of their traditions and fields.  Our teachers offer care, guidance, and the innovation of experience and curricular expertise.


Demetrius Lacroix

Professor of Magic, Hoodoo, and African Diaspora Traditions. Demetrius is a Houngan and Bokor, as well as a connoisseur of songs and lore from many hallowed living traditions.  Demetrius teaches classes on diverse subjects from hoodoo, Vodou and mediumship to pagan reconstructionism and historical european magical traditions.  Demetrius teaches at Académie Gnostique, and at his shop Botanica Macumba on St. Claude Ave. 


Franklin Fehrman

Professor of Alchemy.  Franklin "St. Germain" Fehrman,  is accomplished in the first order of practical alchemy.  As well as being a first rank astrologer, Franklin is a student of great contemporary alchemists, an initiate in western traditions, and a philosopher. When at home pursuing the great work he enjoys:brewing herbal liquors, cooking, and metallurgy.





Beansidhe MacGiollabuidhe

Professor of comparative mythology.  Beansidhe is world renowned for her work with Lillith and the Morrigan.  She also presents internationally on the subject of female therianthropy and initiation.  Beansidhe works with Ancient Near Eastern magical systems, and their interaction with western occultism. 


Eric Montgomery

Professor of Fairy lore/faith and Celtic studies. Eric Montgomery is a folklorist, public speaker, and organizer of Greater New Orleans Pagan Pride Day.  A long time practitioner of Witchcraft and follower of paganism, Eric brings the love of nature, tradition, and the spirits of place.  


Rowan Peterson

Professor of Witchcraft. Rhett Rowan Peterson is an initiate, practitioner, and student of both European Occultism and Eastern Mysticism. Rowan’s practice is strongly influenced by British Traditional Witchcraft, Primal Craft, Sabbatic Craft, Tantra, and Yoga. His studies have taken him all over the world.


Jedidiah F. Gainey

Professor of Thelemic Studies. Jedidiah F. Gainey has been a student and practicioner of Hermetic Qabalah, the Tarot, and the writings of Aleister Crowley for over a decade. Originally from Las Vegas, he now lives in New Orleans, where he is active within the O.T.O. and various related organizations.


Emily Schumacher

Academic Director

An experienced educator, Emily Schumacher oversees the curriculum, and the curation of educational materials. She is an initiate of multiple schools of western mystery tradition. Emily presents on the themes of initiation in fairy tales, Tarot, and Kaballah.  Emily is also an artist, working in textile and paper mediums, she makes tarot, book bindings, and talismanic art.


Aleksandr VanBeber

Founder & CEO

Professor of Occult Philosophy.  Professor of Runology.  Aleksandr is an initiate of multiple schools of western mystery tradition.  He teaches astrology,  philosophy, cosmology, and linguistic spiritual practices which make up the western occult system.  Aleksandr is a linguistic researcher who contributes to several reconstructive systems of magic and paganism.