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New Orleans' premier school for occult science and traditional mystical education. We offer students peerless instruction in magick and esotericism.

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At Académie Gnostique, we take great pride in our teachers.  Each is at the pinnacle of practice in their respective fields.  Our teachers speak with the authority of tradition, experience, and care.

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Our mission is to transmute the curiosity of anyone aspiring to the art of magic into a well informed practice.  Magic is the mystery of mysteries, alive in rhetoric, art, science, and the love of wisdom.  We aim to propagate and expound the mystery for all.


Examining Symbology of the Smith-Waite: With Blue June


July 19th, 7:00pm, 3151 Dauphine St.    In this class we briefly look back at this decks history, research, and discoveries from both Arthur Waite and Pamela Coleman Smith and further explore significant details. Taking a deeper look into the glyphs, imagery and symbolism allows us to better understand the cards explicit implications as readers. With a fundamental understanding of the reasoning for certain representations in the details of the Smith-Waite, we can address our clients with a new found structure to each card. Beginning with the Major Arcana then working our way through the 4 suits we will cover in about 3 hours what would normally be a 9 hour study session! Feel free to bring a notebook or a laptop for note taking, but be prepared to write quickly because we will be moving right along through the deck so that we can all get the most out of this class.

About Blue June

Featured Event:

Flying Ointments & Baneful Herbs: With Coby Michael Ward

Oct. 28th 2019
Traveling in spirit, journeying to the Other world, and changing one’s form are traditional practices of witchcraft, shamanism, and magic. By performing certain rituals, using strange plants, or by the intervention of spirits the traveler is free to commune with primal forces. Trafficking with spirits, attending the Witches’ Sabbath and nocturnal flight are feats that can be achieved through altered states resulting from the use of herbal ointments, oils and fumigations. One of the most infamous of these preparations is the Unguentum Sabbati, the witches’ flying ointment; known throughout the Middle Ages by its diabolical reputation and many superstitions. These preparations are rooted in truth, where medicine and magic collide. This class is an exploration of the history and myth of the Grand Sabbath of the Witches, it’s imagery and what that means for modern practitioners of witchcraft. We will look at some medieval recipes for flying ointments and analyze their ingredients. Also we’ll see how these plants are used by modern practitioners both chemically and esoterically to achieve altered states of consciousness and enhance their magic. This is a timely course, to start off the season right.
$20 at the door, no A:. G:. student will be turned away.
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Our Campus

Académie Gnostique is head quartered at 126 Baronne St. New Orleans, Louisiana, in the 19th century historic Medical Building.  The Medical Building was at one time the legendary Legendre alcohol dispensary, where Herb Saint was invented.  Today our alchemists brew stiff herb liquors in the very tradition of our hallowed forbearers.  

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• Winter and Summer time are lecture times,  Académie Gnostique will be coming to a community center near you.  Please contact us to reserve a teacher for your next convention or event.  Check the calendar for live updates.
• There is one new teacher and three new courses.

-Qabalistic Tarot- 6 week course with Jedidiah F. Gainey

-Candle Magic- 3 week course with Demetrius Lacroix

-Haitian Vodou- 6 week course with Demetrius Lacroix

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Botanica Macumba is a New Orleans based spiritual supply shop, event space, and cafe. While specializing in products serving practitioners of  Vodou, Lucumi, Candomble, and Quimbanda, Botanica Macumba also has products serving a variety of other traditions, devotions, and practices. Services are available upon request.


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Class News

• Winter and Summer time are lecture times,  Académie Gnostique will be coming to a community center near you.  Please contact us to reserve a teacher for your next convention or event.